The character ‘Jing’ in Chinese originates from a traditional ritual of selecting the finest rice among grains, which is about professional skills, restricted quality standard and subsequent refined result. Same for RisingSun’s research practices, well t rained research team brings research result a level higher with their professional knowledge and relentless pursue on quality.

Preciseness is RisingSun’s differentiating point. It is not only a quantitative measurement of end output, but an accumulated result of efforts endeavored throughout the process: objective interpretation in a strategic way, customized research design with practical consideration of China market status quo, quality data collection with restricted protocol, insightful analysis aiming for precise and practical recommendations.

The character ‘Rui’ means a real clarity, which is seen as the ultimate goal of business world. RisingSun Research believes in that research practice is a way to the ultimate clarity of client’s business by providing intelligence rather than a bunch of raw data.

With a clear goal set in advance, RisingSun team is known for its flexibility and efficiency.

‘Dao’ means principle. RisingSun Research’s rapid growth is beneficial from its ethical business practices. Not only follow the basic regulation and industry protocols, RisingSun also puts lot of efforts on combining commercial research services with social business projects.

Another interpretation of ‘Dao’ is the core unique proposition of RisingSun Research – the local insight and local network. As a local research provider, RisingSun Research knows well about Chinese culture, Chinese market and Chinese consumers. Armed by its powerful operation network under MaxField brand, RisingSun Research helps client dive deeper in China.